List of useful plugins, tools for FlexBuilder

Here is the list of plugins and tools which I used in FlexBuilder:

  1. Ant will be accessible as a new Ant window through Window > Other View > Ant and Click OK.
  2. Flex Formatter plugin (FlexPrettyPrint) . After installation will be added Flex Formatting section in Preferences window.
  3. TODO and FIXME plugin. If you start comment from TODO or FIXME then window Tasks will contain the whole list of them with references to the code (Window > Other View > General > Tasks) and you will be able to manage this list.
  4. UML4AS plugin

Flex Formatter plugin (FlexPrettyPrint)

If you want to automate a code review process regarding coding convention then you can install Flex Formatter plugin in FlexBuilder or eclipse and then configure formatting for ActionScript and MXML with help of coding convention checklist document (example of ActionScript coding convention checklist).

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After installing you will be able to configure formatting in Preferences window and to export properties files to share them with your team or to import in an other projects.

Flex Formatting Preferences

Then when you save a file or perform a predefined key combination for formatting all code will be formatted automatically. This will save a lot of time for you and your team members.