Description: Popular multiplayer card game with client-server architecture, designed taking heavy workload on server into account (thousands of users playing at the same time) and supporting 21 languages. Apart from standalone downloadable client (written on C++ for Windows platform) this game has more than 20 different versions of flash-based clients (available to end users through the web interface) in development of which I was involved.

Technologies and tools: Flash 8/9, Action Script 2.0, AsUnit, JSFL, XML, Subversion, JIRA, Charles Web Debugging Proxy.

Position: Team Leader and Game developer.

Previous position: Game developer.

Responsibilities: New features implementation (writing code), bug fixing, refactoring, unit tests and auto-build scripts development, code review, communication with customer, planning tasks for team members, estimation for outer and inner tasks.

Team size: 3-4 flash developers (15-20 in the whole team).

Links: Paradise Poker (Instant Play), Yahoo Poker, Win2day etc. We released more than 20 different client versions however they are not in live anymore.

Poker supports 21 languages. Image 7 and image 8 are examples of supporting Greek and Russian languages.

A lot of settings of poker game can be configured in XML files, such as:

  • Table view
  • colors of table elements (carpet, chairs, chat messages, panels, buttons and etc.)
  • background
  • chairs
  • logo
  • and etc.
  • Lobby view
  • colors of panels
  • logo
  • Styles of components (DataGrid, RadioButtons and etc.)
  • Poker game functionality (removing, addition some parts of functionality)

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