Title: Fps Graph Analyzer

Platform: PC Standalone + iOS & Android

Target: Unity developers

Release date: February, 2017

Publisher: Kateryna Levshova

Fps Graph Analyzer is a valuable component for tracking performance of your app on any device. It shows an accurate graph depending on the frame rate of a scene over period of time. Fps means frames per second.


  • Multiplatform
  • Configuration possibilities: changing position, size and color of the graph’s elements
  • Easy to use


Downloadable from Unity Asset StoreFps Graph Analyzer

YouTube video – Demo In Unity

YouTube video – Demo for Android

How to use

  1. From the Assets folder import FpsDisplayCanvas prefab, LineTexture and LineGenerator
  2. Drag FpsDisplayCanvas from the Project window on to the Hierarchy
  3. Unfold FpsDisplayCanvas object to see its structure
  4. Leave FpsText object without any changes.
  5. After clicking Play button you will see it on the left top corner of the graph area.
  6. Select LineGeneratorImage object .

Scaling and positioning in editor mode

You can change size of the Fps Graph on the Scene using Width and Height properties of Rect Transform component of LineGeneratorImage object in Editor mode.

To change positions you can use Pos X and Pos Y properties of Rect Transform component.

The same you can simply do with your mouse on the Scene in Editor.

Do not change any other properties of Rect Transform.

To test changes hit Play and switch to Game mode.

Changing colors

Background color and transparency

To change the background color and transparency of the Fps Graph use Color property of Image component of the LineGeneratorImage object in the Inspector window. You can do this in both Editor and Game modes.

Graph Color

To change Fps Graph main color go to Line Generator component of LineGeneratorImage object in Inspector window. Change Fps Graph Color property. You can do this in both Edit and Game modes. Remember if you want to save this color permanently you need to do this in Edit mode and click Apply button in the top of Inspector window to save the setting in prefab.

Line indicators color

At this moment there are 2 indicators in Fps Graph – indicator line for Normal level of fps and for High.

Normal value is 60 fps (you can change it in LineGenerator Script if you want). Everything what is greater than 60 fps is considered to be a high level of fps. Graph won’t go higher than High Line indicator.

Go to Line Generator component of LineGeneratorImage. Mouse hover on Fps High Line Indicator Color or Fps Normal Line Indicator Color to see description in the Tooltip in Edit mode.

You can change colors of the lines in both Edit and Game modes.

On the image above Normal Line Indicator Color is green, High Line Indicator Color is fuchsia.

Demo Scene

  1. Import all from Assets
  2. Repeat set up instructions for positioning, scaling and changing colors of FpsDisplayCanvas described in section “HOW TO USE” if necessary.
  3. Hit Play button and switch to Game mode.
  4. Use slider to add or remove Balls on the Scene.
  5. Watch how this affects the Fps Graph.
Demo Scene Test