Unity3D, C# – 2016-present

Android, Java – 2014-2015 years

Flash/Flex, ActionScript3 – 2010-2014 years

Flash, ActionScript2 – 2007-2010 years

For me game development is a live long path.

Everything started in childhood. When I was a kid (only 6 years old!) I volunteered to test cartridges for a video game console LM 9999 in a shop in a small city where I leaved. The owner (some of my friend’s mom) sold cartridges but did not have a console to check them so she began to lose profit because kids started to come back with intention to exchange the cartridge to a new one because the first one did not work from their words. She realized that most of them are just playing her off but she could not prove anything. So we agreed that she gives me 2 cartridges a week and I will have to make sure that they are playable. I think that for her would be enough if I just start the game to see that its not completely broken but I made sure that cartridges are playable on 100% from the beginning to the end 🙂 and the fact that you have only 3 lives for all game levels did not stop me 🙂 However this gave me ideas about what I would improve in games if I be a game developer. Btw these were my favorite games those times – Battletoads & Double Dragon, Terminator, Robocop, Chip & Dale, The Flinstones etc.

Battletoads & Double Dragon
Battletoads & Double Dragon

Later after console I switched to computer games like Quake, Unreal, Doom and since that moment my career path became clear and I think that most of game developers are gamers by nature.

Quake - map ztn3tourney1
Quake – map ztn3tourney1

Thus at the age of 19 years I started at my first full time job as a game developer in Sigma Software company (in that moment Eclipse). Since that time I worked in different companies or as a freelancer mostly on games – from small casual to big online Casino game systems and multiplayer online Poker games.

Poker table
Poker table

Years past and many things changes, technologies rise and disappear. That’s why I also had to find alternatives to old Flash/Flex technology. I tried a new thing for me like Android Mobile development but games continued to beckon me. Finally thanks to BlizzCon 2015 event in LA, CA (I’m a fan of StarCraft and Overwatch) I found out about Unity3D existence and that its really serious thing to consider for game development (Blizzard’s Hearthstone made in Unity).

BlizzCon 2015
BlizzCon 2015

I wish I could know it sooner, yet better late than never. And now I’m excited even more since Unity opens a completely new bigger and better world for me – 2D/3D, AR/VR! There are no other limits except your imagination. Thus here I am and ready to dive deeper 🙂 In future I’m planning to add something interesting to the list so stay tuned.



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